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Charmaine Loke
Senior Practitioner, Success on Purpose

Charmaine has been in the Education and Hospitality industry for 15+ years, she has experienced firsthand how working long hours and minimal self-care led to burnout, exhaustion and non-existent relationships.

After being mentored by others who have had to overcome similar experiences of burnout, she learnt the skills and tools to rewire her brain for success. She made a choice to change and was able to turn her life around.

She now supports busy people who are burnt out and feeling overwhelmed. She shares with them how to slow down, be more mindful and have a better relationship with themselves and others.

Currently in Melbourne, Charmaine Loke is a qualified Chef with a special interest in Holistic Wellness. She has a Bachelor of Business Systems from Monash University, a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Nutrition and Dietetics) from Holmesglen Institute and is a Senior Practitioner with Success on Purpose Pty Ltd.

Charmaine believes that we all have a choice and a duty to share with others what we have learnt. She has a genuine desire to help you empower yourself to make the necessary changes needed to find your life’s purpose. Her life path of 29/11 is destined to direct her creative energy to uplift, to inspire, to support and to heal those around her.