Women’s Wellness Retreat February 2024

Women’s Wellness Retreat February 2024

De’Vine Escape, Yarra Valley

Thursday 22nd February (2pm) – Saturday 24th February (10am)

$1330 – $1450

This Women’s Wellness retreat is designed just for you if you’re feeling worn out and yearning for a break from the demands of your busy life that seem to pull you in every direction. It’s a space where you can gently quiet the noise in your mind and rediscover a sense of tranquility. Take a step back to fully immerse yourself in the experience of reconnecting with the incredible power within yourself.

Discover the profound significance of your breath, and learn how to nurture and move your own body safely. Re-establish a deep connection with yourself amidst the serene beauty of the countryside landscape. Join us in discovering the art of prioritising self-care, slowing down, and embracing mindfulness. Give your body the rest it deserves and replenish your soul.

Reconnect with that inner child who’s always wanted to dance without a care, to be truly heard and understood, and to experience unconditional love. Come and let your heart and spirit find peace and rejuvenation here.


Thursday 22nd FebruaryFriday 23rd FebruarySaturday 24th February
2pm: Arrival, check-in and unpack
3pm: Welcome drinks & introduction
4pm: Setting intentions & journaling
5pm: Intro to posture & breathwork
5.30pm: Free time*
6.30pm: Dinner
7:30pm: Women’s circle Q&A
8pm: Yin Yoga & Meditation
6.30am: Morning Yoga
7:30am: Breakfast & getting ready for the day
9am: The POWER of Choices
10.30am: Intro to Somatic Healing
11.30am: Women’s circle Q&A
12.30pm: Lunch
1:30pm: The Power of Woman within YOU
3.30pm: Free time*
6pm: Pre-dinner drinks and games
6:30pm: Dinner
7:30pm: Women’s circle Q&A
8pm: Yin Yoga & Meditation
6.30am: Morning Yoga
7:30am: Breakfast & getting ready to leave
8:30am: Reflections and celebrations!!
10am: Departure

Twin Share: $1330 ppDeluxe King: $1450 pp

  • 2 nights’ accommodation in a beautiful Studio room overlooking the Vineyard, private courtyard with 2 Queen or Double Beds and separate en-suite (linen, towels and basic toiletries provided)
  • Nutritionally Balanced Chef Prepared Meals
  • Complimentary Hot Beverages
  • Women’s Circle & Mindfulness Workshops
  • Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation Sessions (please let us know if you will B.Y.O. Yoga mat)
  • Free time options – to be confirmed
  • Gift bag


Charmaine LokeTania Alexander
Senior Practitioner, Success on PurposeYoga Instructor, Tania Alexander Yoga

Charmaine has been in the Education and Hospitality industry for 15+ years, she has experienced firsthand how working long hours and minimal self-care led to burnout, exhaustion and non-existent relationships.

After being mentored by others who have had to overcome similar experiences of burnout, she learnt the skills and tools to rewire her brain for success. She made a choice to change and was able to turn her life around.

She now supports busy people who are burnt out and feeling overwhelmed. She shares with them how to slow down, be more mindful and have a better relationship with themselves and others.

Currently in Melbourne, Charmaine Loke is a qualified Chef with a special interest in Holistic Wellness. She has a Bachelor of Business Systems from Monash University, a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Nutrition and Dietetics) from Holmesglen Institute and is a Senior Practitioner with Success on Purpose Pty Ltd.

Charmaine believes that we all have a choice and a duty to share with others what we have learnt. She has a genuine desire to help you empower yourself to make the necessary changes needed to find your life’s purpose. Her life path of 29/11 is destined to direct her creative energy to uplift, to inspire, to support and to heal those around her.

Tania’s journey of awareness and discovery began over a decade ago when she experienced the effects of suppression and sacrifice from choosing to prioritise the needs of family above all else. Without knowing where it would lead, she knew that action would be her catalyst. Swallowing self-consciousness and anxiety-producing body shame, she started a daily practice of yoga. Tania’s soul purpose was born.

In the years since, Tania has studied and researched many health, wellbeing and personal development fields, expanding her practice with lived and teaching experience, industry knowledge, and the opening of her own business – Tania Alexander Yoga – in early 2022.

Tania holds certifications in First Aid & CPR, Mental Health First Aid, Youth Mental Health, Allied Health Assistance (Nutrition & Dietetics), 350 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, 50 hours of Yin Yoga Training, and she is currently undertaking a further 35 hours of Breathwork and Pranayama Training. She is a Level 1 registered teacher with peak governing body Yoga Australia.

Finding joy in service, Tania has given her knowledge, skills and time to early childhood education centres, primary schools, local businesses, and sporting and community groups. It is Tania’s mission to guide the everyday person to utilise their breath, safely move their body and harness their thoughts so they feel empowered to take control of their health and wellbeing.


When does the retreat start and finish?

Check-in begins at 2:00pm on Thursday 22nd February 2024. You will have time to settle in your rooms and tour the grounds before we meet as a group for the official start of the retreat at 3:00pm.  Please let us know by phoning ahead if you find you are unexpectedly held up, as we have a fixed schedule and may not be able to wait for you to arrive if you are late.  Your safety is paramount, so please don’t rush!  Simply join in with us when you are able, and we will catch you up as best we can.

The retreat program will end by 9:30am on Saturday 24th February 2024, and check-out will occur half an hour later at 10:00am.  Please be prompt when checking out, as De’Vine Escapes has another booking later that day for which they must prepare.  You may wish to use this opportunity to explore the beautiful food and wine offerings, walking tracks and other attractions around the Yarra Valley.  Please see reception at De’Vine Escapes for recommendations.


How many people will be at the retreat?

A maximum of 12 women will be granted access to this retreat to ensure that we can provide each of you with an optimal personalised experience.


Will there be men present at the retreat?

This is strictly a women’s only retreat.  Please let us know whether your male partners, friends or family members are interested in attending a future retreat, as this will help us with forward planning.


Can I bring my children?

There are no childcare facilities available onsite, therefore this retreat is unable to accommodate children under the age of 16.  We respectfully request that you make alternative arrangements for your children to be cared for during your time away at the retreat.


Will there be alcohol served at the retreat?

This retreat is an alcohol-free event. The theme and intention of the retreat is to bring awareness to, and focus upon, the true nature of the self.  This includes taking the opportunity to detoxify the body by abstaining from substances that do not serve us, such as alcohol.


What will I do on the retreat?

We have an inspiring schedule planned for you!  From yoga to journaling, life coaching to breathwork, Women’s Circles to meditation, you are invited to dive as deep as you like!  There will be a balance of gentle physical activity, intellectual workshops, intimate group discussions and plenty of time out for you to wander, reflect and rest.

We wish for you to gain the most from your precious time on retreat, and hope that you will join us for all the activities we have planned, however we respect your choice to be involved in as little or as much as feels comfortable for you.  Even should you decide to merely listen and witness, you are still involved with significance in the experience.

Click here for the detailed 3-day program:


What do I need to bring with me?

Here is a simple packing list, suitable for late summer in Victoria:

  • Comfortable light clothing, a mix of layers, something warm for evening sessions
  • Sleepwear and underwear for 3 days
  • Sturdy walking shoes/runners (for wandering) and comfy slip-ons (for relaxing)
  • Spare towel (bath or beach towel)
  • Sun-smart hat and UV protective sunglasses
  • Toiletries, personal hygiene products, and any medications you require
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Yoga/exercise mat (if you prefer to use your own rather than the ones supplied)
  • Reusable water bottle (let’s lighten our carbon footprint by avoiding single-use items)
  • Mobile phone, charger, headphones/earbuds/pods, book (for use during free time)


Can I phone my family/ friends or can they visit me?

You are welcome to use your mobile phone as you please during your free time.  For full participation to take place, and for the privacy of all attendees, we discourage you from bringing your phone to scheduled group sessions, such as coaching, yoga, workshops and Women’s Circle share time.  If you wish to take photos/videos during your stay, please do so in your free time, and seek the consent of others before capturing their image. 

Visitors, whilst on retreat, are cause for disruption and distraction to participants.  Emergency situations will be dealt with swiftly and appropriately, but we respectfully ask that you do not invite others to visit you during your time on retreat.

How much money should I bring on the retreat?

This is an all-inclusive retreat with no further expenses once you’ve paid in full.  The exception is if you choose to explore the Yarra Valley during your free time or after checkout on Saturday, and incur incidental costs by doing so.  There is no ATM or cash out facility available at De’Vine Escapes accommodation.


How do I get to the retreat venue (De’Vine Escapes)?

De’Vine Escapes is located at 68 Wills Road, Dixons Creek, Victoria 3775.

It is 63km and approximately 1 hour drive north-east from Melbourne.

Carpooling on a road trip adventure with your twin-share room buddy is highly recommended!


I can’t pay for this upfront, but really want to come! Do you have a payment plan?

The greatest investment we can make is for our own personal growth and learning. Therefore we have included a payment plan option to make it easier for you to say YES to yourself! For full Terms & Conditions in regards to payment options, please refer to the Accommodation payment page.


What are the qualifications of the hosts?

Charmaine Loke, senior practitioner at Success on Purpose


Tania Alexander, owner and principal instructor of Tania Alexander Yoga



We are happy to help with any questions you have about our Women’s Wellness Retreat.

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